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  • Mechanical Booster Pump
  • Mechanical Booster Pump
  • Mechanical Booster Pump

The EH mechanical booster pump, based on the simple Roots principle, remains the favorite pump for applications where high pumping speeds are required for pressures in the region of 0.01 to 10 mbar. This pump must always be backed by another pump, which can deliver against a high-pressure differential to atmospheric pressure.

Operating at relatively low pressures, the mechanical booster pump is not exposed to the same concentrations of corrosive process media as is the backing pump, which makes it highly reliable.

The EH mechanical booster pumps feature the unique hydrokinetic drive, providing an efficient power transmission with benefits in economy, performance and compactness.

Features & Benefits
The hydrokinetic drive provides the following features:
• Capacities for 250 to 4200 m3h-1
• Pump down times cut by 50%, when compared with direct drive pumps
• No bypass lines or pressure switches required
• Reduced capital and operating costs
• Air cooled motors
• Quiet, minimum vibration
• Operating at relatively low pressures makes it highly reliable.
• Rugged and corrosion resistant


EH Booster Pump Model
Edwards EH250
Edwards EH500
Edwards EH1200
Edwards EH2600
Edwards EH4200
Displacement 50Hz 310 m3/Hr 505 m3/Hr 1195 m3/Hr 2590 m3/Hr 4140 m3/Hr
Recommended Backing Pump Edwards E2M40/E2M80 Edwards E2M40/E2M80/ E2M175/E2M275 Edwards E2M80/ E2M175/E2M275 Edwards E2M175/E2M275 Edwards E2M275
Rotation Speed 0-2900 Rpm 0-2900 Rpm 0-2900 Rpm 0-2900 Rpm 0-2900 Rpm
Inlet Connection ISO63 ISO100 ISO160 ISO160 ISO250
Outlet Connection ISO40 ISO63 ISO100 ISO100 ISO100
Weight, without oil 61 Kg 74 Kg 149 Kg 308 Kg 400 Kg